Quality grooming for your 4legged friend

                               BLUE DOGS Service Menu

                       JUST Bath  Service

               Includes shampoo, conditioner, hand blow-dry,  

                Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression

                      (not included body haircut, Teeth Brush)

                                                            (teeth brush extar $5)



                                                                                     Short / Long / Ex Long  

                                                      up to 10 lbs           $35  /  $40 /  $45

                                                    10lbs to 20 lbs      $40  /  $45  /  $50

                                                    20lbs to 25 lbs      $45 /  $50  /  $55


          Bath and  Full Body Haircut Service  

 add $25 ~ $35 to Bath & Grooming Service above depending on Hair condition and Hair style.

(If your dog is matted so that I am not able to comb thru,

I will have to shave the dog down and this will be an extra charge or it may require a separate session.  If your dog appears to be uncomfortable I may have to stop the service.)

                                     A La Carte Service

                                                                     Nail Trim          $10

                                                               Teeth Brushed   $5

                                                            Anal Gland  Expression   $8